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General Support

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Email: If you prefer email, our support team can be reached at
Twitter: Our team is also actively engaged on Twitter @codexprotocol.


For any development related questions, email our engineers at

Business Inquiries

For any business inquiries, our business team can be reached at

Security Disclosures

Security disclosures can reported to We follow the W3C Security Disclosures Best Practices for our disclosure policy. See below.

Codex Labs, Inc:

  1. Agree not to bring suit against you, recommend law enforcement investigation, or cooperate with law enforcement investigation, if your disclosure meets the criteria listed in this section;
  2. Request that you give us a reasonable time (usually not to exceed 90 days) before publicly disclosing specific details of the vulnerability;
  3. Request to be provided an appropriate level of detail on the vulnerability to allow us to identify and reproduce the issue. Detail should include target URLs, request/response pairs, screenshots, and/or other relevant information;
  4. Agree to confirm, within a reasonable time, receipt of your disclosure (such as 3 days) and the validity of your disclosure (such as 10 days);
  5. Request that your vulnerability research not create service disruption (e.g. DoS), privacy issues (i.e. accessing a customer’s data), or data destruction, within a reasonable effort.