Codex Pricing

Learn about the costs associated with signing up for a Codex account, creating Codex Records, and logging provenance to the Ethereum blockchain.

Codex Account Types

There are two ways to create a Codex account, and the costs incurred by each vary. Web3 Wallet users have full control over their accounts and are required to sign their own Ethereum transactions (incurring thier own gas costs.) Email-based accounts are managed by Codex so no knowledge of Ethereum or blockchain technology is necessary.

Web3 Wallet

  • Free to sign up
  • For "blockchain savvy" users only
  • Send your own Ethereum transactions (and pay for your own Ethereum gas fees)
  • Pay no CODX Token fees to create Codex Records when you purchase a Codex Membership


  • $100 sign up fee
  • No blockchain knowledge neccessary
  • Codex sends your Ethereum transactions (and pays your Ethereum gas fees)
  • Pay to create Codex Records with CODX Tokens and/or a Codex Membership

Codex Records Types

There are two ways to create Codex Records, and the costs incurred by each vary as well. While provenance is logged for both types of Codex Records, only Blockchain Codex Records are backed by the Ethereum blockchain. An Off-Chain Codex Record can be upgraded to a Blockchain Record at any time!

Blockchain Record

  • Costs 2000 CODX Tokens to create (without Membership discount)
  • Full privacy controls, can be public or private
  • May take time to be available, depending on network conditions
  • May be transferred to other accounts & blockchain wallets
  • Permanently logged on the Ethereum blockchain

Off-Chain Record New!

  • Free to create
  • No privacy controls, only visible to you
  • Available immediately after creation
  • May not be transferred to other accounts or blockchain wallets
  • May be upgraded to a full Blockchain Record at any time

Paying For Codex Records with CODX Tokens

There is always a cost associated with most actions related to Blockchain Codex Records. This is due to the concept of "gas" on the Ethereum blockchain. To cover these costs, Codex charges users in the form of CODX Tokens. CodexCoin (CODX) is the ERC-20 utility token used to interact with The Codex Protocol.

CODX Tokens are offered in various packages, with bonus tokens amounts that increase the more you purchase at once:


200 CODX


1050 CODX

1000 CODX + 50 Bonus CODX!


2150 CODX

2000 CODX + 150 Bonus CODX!


5500 CODX

5000 CODX + 500 Bonus CODX!
  • Email-based accounts must have CODX Tokens to create and modify Blockchain Codex Records
  • Web3 Wallet users pay their own gas costs, and are not required to purchase CODX Tokens when creating and modifying Blockchain Codex Records (provided they have already purchased a Codex Membership)
  • Off-Chain Codex Records are always free and require no CODX Tokens for both account types

Codex Memberships & Codex Record Costs

Purchasing a recurring subscription to a Codex Membership offers several perks, including substantial discounts on creating Blockchain Codex Records. For Web3 Wallet accounts, CODX fees are reduced to 0 CODX. For email-based accounts, varying discount percentages are offered based on subscription teir.

Web3 Wallet User (Monthly)
Web3 Wallet User (Yearly)
$25 / day
$40 / day
$25 / day
$130 / year
Cost to Create
a Blockchain
Codex Record
2000 CODX $200.00
1800 CODX $180.00
1500 CODX $150.00
0 CODX $0.00
0 CODX $0.00
Cost to Modify
a Blockchain
Codex Record
800 CODX $80.00
720 CODX $72.00
600 CODX $60.00
0 CODX $0.00
0 CODX $0.00


If you have any questions about pricing or Codex in general, don't hesitate to contact us!