Philip de Puppy the 1st

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Asset Details

Make Lady-like, like a Duchess
Medium Fur, Bone, Blood, Sweat, Slobber, Licks and Barks and some puppy dog tails.
Edition Number Singular One and Only Art and Dog
Total Editions 1
Condition Just like gaia made her
Creator Name Gary Symons
Artist Name God and Goddess Gaia Earth and Phil's heart's desire
Asset Created At 6/11/2020, 10:00:00 AM
Era Neo-Asset-Management Era
Dimensions Inches perfect couch size
Dimensions Centimeters perfect reclining size

Philip de Puppy the 1st


PHi-lip-Pup1 PetOwnerProofCert #0

DogProofCert Code #00000000001


1 of a Kind.

AmIaGoodDog? T/F?

Value: True

Redeemable for 1 ERC721 game character in any future ERC721 game by FCC>

SYM: PhiPup1

This asset is 1 of a kind Parody Art and Dual Purpose Pet Bond for Philip Torez as a Gift for Long Term Service.

The initial Face Value and Asking Price of this AI computer generated Art image {which is highly valuable at this time} of this Image is 1000 USD, a very small asking initial price for such beautiful computer generated art, which usually pulls between 2000-11,000 USD an ERC721 Art Piece.

This dog, other than Doge Coin, is the First Tokenize Dog, and will have the first Personal Token of any Dog.

21 Million tokens are on sale.
June 12th, 2020 4:51:43 AM
Created On-Chain By 0x8c1a0b65f5218649db12fcbb2fb6ad246f399bd6