Philip de Puppy the 2nd

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Asset Details

Creator Name Gary Symons
Artist Name Goddess Gaia of this Green Globe
Era Neo-Asset-Management Era

Philip de Puppy the 2nd


PHi-lip-Pup1 PetOwnerProofCert #1

DogProofCert Code #00000000002


1 of a Kind.

AmIaGoodDog? T/F?

Value: True

Redeemable for 1 ERC721 game character in any future ERC721 game by FCC>

SYM: PhiPup2

This asset is 1 of a kind Parody Art and Dual Purpose Pet Bond for Philip Torez as a Gift for Long Term Service.

The initial Face Value and Asking Price of this AI computer generated Art image {which is highly valuable at this time} of this Image is 2500 USD, a very small asking initial price for such beautiful computer generated art, which usually pulls between 2000-11,000 USD an ERC721 Art Piece.
June 12th, 2020 8:14:39 AM
Created On-Chain By 0x8c1a0b65f5218649db12fcbb2fb6ad246f399bd6